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NewsXPartners News And Infomedia Writers Syndicate

The NXP News And Infomedia Writers Syndicate (we refer to it informally as the “Syndicate”) is a team of writers, content creators and journalists who comprise the publishing engine of NXP. A combination of staff writers and independent contractors, our writers operate individually and in assigned teams to generate interesting and informative content which highlights and showcases NXP’s publicity clients. Syndicate articles are published in NXP’s affiliated online media and are also published or re-published in unaffiliated third-party newspapers, magazines, blogs and other outlets in order to maximize positive exposure for our clients in their respective target markets. Every client who engages NXP is assigned a team of writers, directed and coordinated by a publicity executive.

The Syndicate uses a proprietary system for large-scale article submission to third-party publications in specifically identified target markets by geography, demographic and psychographic profile. The objective is to gather as many meaningful visits, views, and impressions as possible within the selected market. The journalistic quality of the articles is kept to a high standard in order to increase their media longevity and to achieve both client and topical prominence in search engine results. Every article is search engine (SEO) optimized in order to accommodate an increasingly AI-dominant and algorithm controlled environment.

NXP welcomes inquiries from both independent and captive publicity and public relations firms and departments regarding the leveraging of our Syndicate asset for the benefit of their clients and employers who are looking for more efficient ways to garner media exposure. Our superior in-house creative and submission processes make us the perfect adjunct to any publicity or public relations firm.
We’ll get your clients and employers the media mentions that ring their registers and make them smile.

For inquiries about how our Syndicate can intensify and accelerate your media reach, please contact our Syndicate Director, or by telephone at 516-279-2076 . We look forward to harnessing the power of our Syndicate for your benefit.