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If you are a talented and capable writer of news, infomedia or technical research, we can help you step up your game and enhance your professional career by increasing your online visibility and footprint through publication in our owned and affiliated digital media assets, as well as in well-known and well-regarded third-party independent magazines, journals and newspapers, both digital and in print.

We utilize a proprietary article submission system (which incorporates artificial intelligence as well as inspired human intelligence) to affect placement of finished articles in the most relevant writers’ outlets as well as our own in-house media properties. We have the ability to simultaneously submit your finished article to a multitude of publications, as appropriate. Please take a look at the section on this website titled Writers Syndicate to learn more about how we can work together, and about how you can build a great career for yourself with NXP as your foundation.



Writing Assignments

We are a continuous source of all types of writing assignments for good writers, and payment per article assigned to you will be based upon such factors as your experience, writing quality, article length (i.e., wordcount), and your established level of seniority with us. Articles are assigned by our editor on a weekly basis, and they may be either topical (pure news or infomedia content) or sponsored (where we showcase or spotlight one of NXP’s publicity clients). Length per assigned article ranges from 1,500 to 2,750 words, and the expected length is usually specified by the editor when making the assignment. Pay per article is generally at or better than the current standard in the marketplace. Our best and most prolific full-time writers produce 2 to 3 assigned articles per week for submission to our Editorial Board.

NXP offers you an ideal staging platform to promote and capitalize on your skills, subject matter expertise, creativity, and personal style. In addition, and very importantly, you can earn a substantial income as a writer with NXP.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can accelerate your rise to the top of your craft.