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NXP works on a confidential “wholesale” basis with both independent and captive publicity and public relations firms and departments to get your clients and employers high-profile positive media exposure. Leverage our Writers Syndicate asset and our proprietary article submission technology for the benefit of your clients and employers. Our superior in-house creative and submission processes make us the perfect “white label” publishing backoffice for your publicity or public relations firm. We’ll do the heavy lifting while you take all of the credit.

We run a comprehensive shop, and we can do everything from the creative (doing interviews, conducting technical and competitive research, and writing solid news and infomedia articles) to the operational (getting those articles placed, scheduled, and published).

For inquiries about how our Writers Syndicate asset and proprietary article submission technology can give you immediate, pervasive media reach and increase your client satisfaction, please contact jlewis@newsxpartners.com, our Syndicate Director by email, or by telephone at 516-279-2076 . NXP will get all of the high-visibility coverage that you need.