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In the sometimes harsh judgment of the real-world, your expertise or brilliance of vision is of no real consequence unless you have achieved a significant level of visibility in the news and infomedia. Talking heads, commentators, contributors and consultants have only their own abilities to sell, and, as everyone knows, intangibles and services (in general) are a tougher sell than durable goods and
consumable commodities.

Your challenges, as a subject matter expert, a great thinker or a visionary-in-process, are to inexpensively but effectively achieve media acknowledgement of your value, name recognition, and branding. And ongoing reputation management is an understood requirement – especially when your good name in your niche is, in essence, your asset portfolio. NXP can help you build the unassailable credentials and credibility necessary for your success, and essential for you to generate the kind of compensation to which you aspire.

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