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Business owners and professional practitioners can rise to the next level of revenue production through branding in the news and infomedia. The objects of any intensive media campaign are to 1) increase the frequency of occurrence of your name (or your company’s or practice’s name) in a positive light for name recognition and search engine prominence, and 2) project the appearance and perception of credibility and authority to the consumer public or to the business-to-business audience. You can measure your success in this endeavor by checking search engine results, or even more importantly, by observing the increase in the number of visits to your website or to your place of business.

NXP, with its growing stable of prolific content creators and providers, offers you an optimal solution to the seemingly complex challenges of generating greater lead flow and increasing revenues per transaction or visit.

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In addition to publication in our own growing stable of digital publishing properties, articles by NXP writers have appeared in a great number of prestigious third-party independent publications and media outlets, including: