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For Reporters, Journalists, Writers, Bloggers And Podcasters:

Showcase your unique skill, point of view, personality, and broadcast your message or expertise to the largest, most receptive possible audience. Industry, business and organizational sponsorships, as well as advertising, are all available through NXP to monetize your efforts. As a value-added catalyst, NXP identifies, structures and puts together profitable relationships of benefit to exceptional creators of quality content – enjoy unparalleled exposure and remuneration for doing what you do best. We are a truly efficient marketplace for the written and spoken word, in virtually every subject category.

Contact NXP today to learn more about what we can do for you as a content creator or broadcaster..

For Business Owners And Professionals:

Traditional marketing and advertising approaches tend to lack resonance and permanence… once your media spend is over, the influx of customers or clients tapers off, without a significant residual “long tail.” Typically, business owners and professionals spend a significant percentage of revenues on sales or practice development that proves to be less than optimally effective. Using NXP’s platform for getting business owners and professionals into news and infomedia through interviews, quotes, reviews and stories, you can achieve sensational market presence and dominant industry positioning. And if you are still interested in drilling down directly to customer and client acquisition, we have programs that generate direct inquiries from interested readers and viewers right to your inbox.

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For Independent Experts And Visionaries-In-Process:

There is no better means of establishing your authority as a subject matter expert, analyst or commentator, than through the indisputable power of your mention in the news and infomedia. One good interview or broadcast can lead to multiple calls for your opinion or expert assessment in other media and in industry. Media presence fosters recognition, credibility, authority and personal branding. And the better your branding, the more engagements you’ll be offered, with fees commensurate to your authority ranking. NXP’s campaign objective for you is to showcase you in the most favorable light as frequently as possible – and to the largest prospective target audience within your scope of practice or knowledge. We provide an excellent staging area for you to build a profitable, successful consulting or advisory practice, if that’s your goal. If your goal is to land a dream engagement in a company or organization within a vertical industry, we can help you realize your vision. NXP is a vital part of your reputation management machinery in every case.

Contact NXP today to learn more about what we can do for your career.