In securing a foothold as either a commentator, consultant, visionary, pundit, leader, innovator, company spokesperson, organization, or truly superior brand, your online reputation and perceived authority are crucial. Your news and informational media branding, name recognition, and search engine visibility will be key determinants of your success in your chosen industry or field. If you are a rising star as a sought-after expert or as a deep thinker (i.e., a “go-to” source for your valued opinion), you need to bolster your credibility through the construction of a search engine profile. If you are an entity or organization, you must be prominently featured in search engine results for clusters of key search terms. You will find NXP to be extremely well-versed in matters of search engine optimization (SEO). One recurring theme amongst many of our clients is the drive to get from tentative or obscure ranking in search results to prominently-featured status. We take the methodical steps necessary to make this happen.  


If you are a brand on the rise, you need to develop a preponderance of credible third-party endorsement. Where traditional advertising falls short in terms of boosting credibility, editorial promotion through news and informational media activity enhances your viability as an informational resource or as an outstanding brand. NXP has the resources, talent, expertise and tenacity to make this a reality for you. 


At NXP, we know how to listen, and once we’ve established a clear understanding of your most important goals and needs, both near-term and longer-term, we will craft tactics and strategies into one or more actionable campaigns to move you forward.


NXP creates and promotes exceptional, powerful content

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