NXP brings its clients the power of great people working in great teams to achieve publicity and public relations objectives for individuals, entities, and organizations.


NXP’s principals and account/publicity executives put their collaborative efforts, experience, expertise, and energies into getting individuals, entities, organizations, and brands favorably spotlighted in the media – where a credible, powerful, industry-dominant image leads to increased inquiry volume and customer conversion rates at the micro level, and to increased market share and sales revenues at the macro level.


NXP’s renowned stable of award-winning writers, creative personnel, and video production crew make the print, digital, and video media outlets come alive with highly favorable referencing and news about our clients. We promote and protect your brand as we work in synergy with your advertising and marketing departments to maximize the return on your publicity and public relations budget, campaign after campaign, with consistency.


Where many PR and publicity firms have been hesitant to acknowledge and embrace the true potential and power of the internet, NXP intelligently harnesses state-of-the-art technology and SEO techniques to assist clients in attaining prominence in search engine results with relevant keyword phrases. You don’t have to search very far to find NXP clients; they are at the top of the register, on page one.


Importantly, NXP holds the professional relationship with its clients and all of their related details in the strictest confidence; we will not advertise our relationship with you for the purpose of promoting our organization or achievements. We promote your brand – not ours.


NXP’s intense focus and dedication to client campaigns and captivating media messaging brings the real metrics home. We are client-centric and results-driven.


NXP creates and promotes exceptional, powerful content

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