NXP is comprised of several operational components, and these are summarily described below:


NXP Writers Syndicate is an unincorporated division of NXP that produces, provides and publishes widely-read topical content as well as sponsored articles and client-centric media features. The Syndicate uses a proprietary system for large-scale article submission to third-party publications in specifically identified target markets by geography, demographic and psychographic profile. The objective is to gather as many meaningful visits, views, and impressions as possible within the selected market. The journalistic quality of the articles is kept to a high standard in order to increase their media longevity and to achieve both client and topical prominence in search engine results. Our writers, creators, and editors work hand-in-hand with our SEO and SEM experts in order to accommodate an increasingly AI-dominant and algorithm-controlled environment. 


NXP Video Production Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that scripts, produces and publishes topical videos which feature embedded client references and third-party endorsements for building longer-term visibility and credibility.


NXP News And Informational Media Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that owns a portfolio of digital publications and other media assets. This ownership directly benefits our clients. 


NXP Publicity And Public Relations Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that serves our clients’ publicity and public relations needs with discretion and complete confidentiality in respect of those clients. It is our objective to put our clients at the media forefront without having the public know that these clients are actively engaging in any paid media campaigns. 


To repeat a crucial distinction between our firm and so many others: Unlike many advertising agencies and publicity firms, NXP never 1) competes with its clients for public attention, or 2) leverages any details of any given client engagement to solicit other clients. As a matter of policy, NXP does not advertise in its own name on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.


Unlike the giant advertising companies and PR firms of yesteryear, we do not compete with our clients for attention in the media:   Our clients, and their confidentiality, are our governing priorities. As a matter of professionalism and policy, we do not announce client engagements, and as far as the general public is concerned, our clients are always speaking for themselves. You will not find us on Twitter or Facebook (now Meta) boasting about a new client acquisition. We’re not particularly shy,  it’s just that our priorities are clear-cut.

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