About Us

Our Mission

To exceed the ordinary expectations for companies within our industry. To set a new, higher standard for the performance of a publicity and public relations firm. To provide truly outstanding service and results for our clients.

Our Vision

To reinvent publicity and public relations through a greatly enhanced approach to content creation and promotion.

Core Values

Integrity. Consistency. Excellence.


NXP brings its clients the power of great people working in great teams to achieve publicity and public relations objectives for individuals, entities, and organizations.


NXP’s principals and account/publicity executives put their collaborative efforts, experience, expertise, and energies into getting individuals, entities, organizations, and brands favorably spotlighted in the media – where a credible, powerful, industry-dominant image leads to increased inquiry volume and customer conversion rates at the micro level, and to increased market share and sales revenues at the macro level.


NXP’s renowned stable of award-winning writers, creative personnel, and video production crew make the print, digital, and video media outlets come alive with highly favorable referencing and news about our clients. We promote and protect your brand as we work in synergy with your advertising and marketing departments to maximize the return on your publicity and public relations budget, campaign after campaign, with consistency.


Where many PR and publicity firms have been hesitant to acknowledge and embrace the true potential and power of the internet, NXP intelligently harnesses state-of-the-art technology and SEO techniques to assist clients in attaining prominence in search engine results with relevant keyword phrases. You don’t have to search very far to find NXP clients; they are at the top of the register, on page one.


Importantly, NXP holds the professional relationship with its clients and all of their related details in the strictest confidence; we will not advertise our relationship with you for the purpose of promoting our organization or achievements. We promote your brand – not ours.


NXP’s intense focus and dedication to client campaigns and captivating media messaging brings the real metrics home. We are client-centric and results-driven.


NXP had its origin as an informal behind-the-scenes association of independent writers, reporters, journalists, publicists, and public relations professionals working together to promote the reputations and branding of selected clients. At that time, clients were predominantly privately-held companies in the Northeastern United States, and the principal media resources and outlets were the traditional print newspapers and magazines.


Since then, we’ve become fully international in terms of the geographical locus of our clients (which now include a number of NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies within the United States and abroad) and we are actively engaged in all forms of e-media, including digital publications, blogs, videos, and podcasts. NewsXPartners Corporation is privately held by its founding members. 


NXP is comprised of several operational components, and these are summarily described below:


NXP Writers Syndicate is an unincorporated division of NXP that produces, provides and publishes widely-read topical content as well as sponsored articles and client-centric media features. The Syndicate uses a proprietary system for large-scale article submission to third-party publications in specifically identified target markets by geography, demographic and psychographic profile. The objective is to gather as many meaningful visits, views, and impressions as possible within the selected market. The journalistic quality of the articles is kept to a high standard in order to increase their media longevity and to achieve both client and topical prominence in search engine results. Our writers, creators, and editors work hand-in-hand with our SEO and SEM experts in order to accommodate an increasingly AI-dominant and algorithm-controlled environment. 


NXP Video Production Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that scripts, produces and publishes topical videos which feature embedded client references and third-party endorsements for building longer-term visibility and credibility.


NXP News And Informational Media Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that owns a portfolio of digital publications and other media assets. This ownership directly benefits our clients. 


NXP Publicity And Public Relations Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that serves our clients’ publicity and public relations needs with discretion and complete confidentiality in respect of those clients. It is our objective to put our clients at the media forefront without having the public know that these clients are actively engaging in any paid media campaigns. 


To repeat a crucial distinction between our firm and so many others: Unlike many advertising agencies and publicity firms, NXP never 1) competes with its clients for public attention, or 2) leverages any details of any given client engagement to solicit other clients. As a matter of policy, NXP does not advertise in its own name on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.


Unlike the giant advertising companies and PR firms of yesteryear, we do not compete with our clients for attention in the media:   Our clients, and their confidentiality, are our governing priorities. As a matter of professionalism and policy, we do not announce client engagements, and as far as the general public is concerned, our clients are always speaking for themselves. You will not find us on Twitter or Facebook (now Meta) boasting about a new client acquisition. We’re not particularly shy,  it’s just that our priorities are clear-cut.


In securing a foothold as either a commentator, consultant, visionary, pundit, leader, innovator, company spokesperson, organization, or truly superior brand, your online reputation and perceived authority are crucial. Your news and informational media branding, name recognition, and search engine visibility will be key determinants of your success in your chosen industry or field. If you are a rising star as a sought-after expert or as a deep thinker (i.e., a “go-to” source for your valued opinion), you need to bolster your credibility through the construction of a search engine profile. If you are an entity or organization, you must be prominently featured in search engine results for clusters of key search terms. You will find NXP to be extremely well-versed in matters of search engine optimization (SEO). One recurring theme amongst many of our clients is the drive to get from tentative or obscure ranking in search results to prominently-featured status. We take the methodical steps necessary to make this happen.  


If you are a brand on the rise, you need to develop a preponderance of credible third-party endorsement. Where traditional advertising falls short in terms of boosting credibility, editorial promotion through news and informational media activity enhances your viability as an informational resource or as an outstanding brand. NXP has the resources, talent, expertise and tenacity to make this a reality for you. 


At NXP, we know how to listen, and once we’ve established a clear understanding of your most important goals and needs, both near-term and longer-term, we will craft tactics and strategies into one or more actionable campaigns to move you forward.


Our Mission


To exceed the ordinary expectations for companies within our industry. To set a new, higher standard for the performance of a publicity and public relations firm. To provide truly outstanding service and results for our clients.


Our Vision


To reinvent publicity and public relations through a greatly enhanced approach to content creation and promotion.


Our Core Values


Integrity. Consistency. Excellence.


We treat you, and our business partnership with complete Integrity – this means that we are never at a conflict with you as a client.


We provide a continuity of service that transcends immediate needs and scales appropriately to the longer term. Consistency is our watchword. It has been since our beginnings.


We perform our function, whether integrated with your marketing department or as a free-standing advisor and facilitator, with Excellence – with the greatest possible attention to every single detail of every campaign and every market movement.


NXP is unwavering in its priority and commitment to our clients. Our reason for existence is to serve you – with Integrity, Consistency, and Excellence. We are responsible stewards of your publicity and PR budget.


The beating heart of any tactic or strategic plan is ultimately in its execution. Before its implementation, a plan is an idea, or a blueprint, in need of activation and momentum. NXP not only has the demonstrated capability to tailor the ideal campaign, given client needs and objectives, but we have the in-house talent to seamlessly implement every aspect of every campaign in real-time. Refer to the section about ORGANIZATION to learn about the creative divisions of NXP, and the respective roles that they serve as the cooperative components of an integrated machine.


NXP creates and promotes exceptional, powerful content

Reach one of our team members to discuss how we can work closely together to help you realize your goals.