About Us

Our Mission

To build, manage and grow a global news and infomedia platform that facilitates synergy through the cooperative efforts of creators, providers and industry participants.

Our Vision

To exceed the ordinary expectations for companies within our space and to set a new, higher standard for the performance of a news and infomedia organization.

Core Values

Integrity. Consistency. Excellence.


NXP had its beginnings in 2006 as an informal behind-the-scenes association of independent writers, reporters, journalists, publicists and public relations professionals working together to promote the reputations and branding of selected clients. At that time, our clients were predominantly privately held companies in the Northeastern United States, and our principal media resources were the traditional print newspapers and magazines.
Since then, we’ve become fully national in terms of the geographical locus of our clients and we are actively engaged in all forms of e-media, including digital publications, blogs and podcasts. We formalized our structure and incorporated our organization in 2022. NewsXPartners Corporation is privately held by its founding members.
NXP Writers Syndicate is an unincorporated division of NXP that produces, provides and publishes widely-read topical content as well as sponsored articles and client-centric media features.
NXP News And Infomedia Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that owns a number of digital publications and other media assets.
NXP Publicity And Public Relations Group is an unincorporated division of NXP that serves our clients’ publicity and public relations needs with discretion and complete confidentiality in respect of those clients. With very few exceptions, it is our objective to put our clients at the media forefront without having the public know that these clients are actively engaging in any paid media campaigns. Unlike many advertising agencies and publicity firms, NXP never 1) competes with its clients for public attention, or 2) leverages any details of any given client engagement to solicit other clients. As a matter of policy, NXP does not engage in its own name on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.


NXP is a startup, and we are displacing and disrupting other players in our space. We are young but growing rapidly by leaps and bounds. Our business paradigm is very simple, but highly effective, and the world is finding out about us: We believe that commercial interests (i.e., publicity clients) and excellent writers can exist comfortably within the same ecosystem.
Competition is a powerful force, but cooperation produces the synergies that achieve the greatest results. NXP was founded upon the principle that news and infomedia content creators and providers can work comfortably with commercial interests to enhance each other’s reach, influence and profitability.
We believe that editorial promotion, publicity and public relations are the most potent tools for increasing revenue in industry and the professions, and for increasing the prominence of thought leaders. NXP takes up where traditional advertising leaves off, and our unique business model provides benefits for all parties involved in the process. Growth need not be a zero-sum game. All participants can win.
If you write brilliantly or provide powerful content, we can get you noticed and monetized through sponsorship-fueled article assignments. If you are a business or a professional practitioner, our media team can increase your customer or client referral flow and retention through intelligent optimization of your relationship with the media. If you are a rising star as an industry expert, market pundit, thought leader or visionary-in-process, we can get you noticed.
Writers: NXP is your ally and most supportive outlet for publication.
Businesses, professional firms and geniuses: NXP is your first-call publicity resource.

At NXP, we are Multiplying Media.

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Our Clients Come First

Our clients come to us directly from our NXP members, and through satisfied and enthusiastic referrals. We do not promote ourselves through traditional media, e-media or social media. We work confidentially with our clients to ensure them the spotlight, and we gladly take a backseat when they are taking their bows.


Unlike the giant advertising companies and PR firms of yesteryear, we do not compete with our clients for attention in the media:   Our clients, and their confidentiality, are our governing priorities. As a matter of professionalism and policy, we do not announce client engagements, and as far as the general public is concerned, our clients are always speaking for themselves. You will not find us on Twitter or Facebook (now Meta) boasting about a new client acquisition. We’re not particularly shy,  it’s just that our priorities are clear-cut.



Open For New Talent

At NXP, we are continually seeking to expand our membership to include new writers, reporters, journalists and publicists in order to better serve our clients. We are opening up our ranks to admit such infomedia content providers as bloggers and e-newsletter publishers who want to enjoy the synergy that comes from a greater media reach and a broader knowledge base.


NXP is continuously searching for exceptional content


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